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We believe people want to succeed greatly- and leverage their financial triumphs to change the world in legacy-making ways. We want to tell tales of determined professional achievements leading to wildly altruistic activities and adventures.

Get Money Do Good is a community to share your story and engage with others that have stepped outside their comfort zone in the pursuit of discovering what matters most in life. Our goal is to build a community of story-tellers– but not just any story. At GMDG we work together to find, share, and promote stories of getting money and doing good.

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Meet The Founders

The media may lead you to believe that the world is full of greedy capitalists, making their money by exploiting the less fortunate and using profits solely to benefit themselves. But there is another story, a story often untold – one like that of the Vermaas family. Disruptors, entrepreneurs, and unconventional do-gooders, Drs. Jodi and Garry Vermaas have been on a ten-year journey across the globe full of unexpected opportunities to get money and do good.

Drs. Garry Vermaas and Jodi Vermaas have been married for 22 action-packed years. While Jodi developed her skills as a counselor, earning her MA/Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Psychology, and later, her MS/Ph.D. in Clinical Mental Health, Garry worked tirelessly to develop his company, BASE4, built on the principles of honesty, humility, respect, and fun. Together, Jodi and Garry have ridden the waves of an unstable economy, seeking to do good at any cost. After trying traditional routes of giving and charity work, they soon discovered that the best way to do good was to do so directly, forging a straight path between themselves and those they help.

Together, they are raising 12 children, 10 of whom were deemed “unadoptable” by countries including China, The Philippines, and India. Through their valiant efforts, they have redeemed these children from a lifetime of suffering and have brought them into a loving, sometimes chaotic, but always nurturing home. Working side-by-side, Garry and Jodi continue to build BASE4 globally, having completed projects in the US, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, China, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Qatar, and the UAE.


Jodi Douglas Vermaas, PhD

  • Executive leadership of NGO in national and international arena
  • Public speaking and instruction at the national and international level
  • Award-winning scholarship in counseling and social change sectors
  • Ordained women’s minister, licensed professional counselor
  • Quantitative researcher, published author, and double PhD.
  • Chief Talent Officer (CTO), BASE4
  • Founder and board member, Priority One Worldwide
  • Program Director and Founder, STONEPILE COLLEGE
  • Adoptive mother with twelve children and married for 22 years

Change the World One Messy Story at a Time

Join us in changing the world one person at a time.

Garry Wayne Vermaas, PhD

  • Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University
  • CEO and Founder, BASE4
  • Researcher and Author
  • Global Speaker and coveted conference presenter on innovations in the AEC Industry
  • Innovator and trainer of a worldwide team of architects, designers, and engineers
  • President of the Board, Priority One Worldwide
  • Married 22 years and father of 12 diverse and wonderful children