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Get Money, Do Good

12 Children. Four Countries. Two Capitalists. One Story.

Disruptors, entrepreneurs, and unconventional do-gooders, Drs. Jodi and Garry Vermaas are not the people you would expect to parent 12 children.

From the child-trafficking slums of Manila to the barren corners of China to the baggage compartment of a long-distance train to Mumbai, each of their children has a tale to tell––if only they could find the words.

Follow Dr. Jodi Vermaas and her husband, CEO, and multi-millionaire Dr. Garry Vermaas, on a ten-year journey across the globe to discover what really matters. After living the American success story, they traded in all of their belongings to embrace a life of true purpose. But their race to adopt a dozen children wasn’t won easily. Governments opposed them. Children vanished. Persecutors campaigned against them. And how could they have anticipated encounters with the Taliban, deadly snakes, and––worst of all––alarmingly misbehaving kids?


Face-to-face with fierce opposition, wild success, and unthinkable heartbreak, author Dr. Jodi Vermaas takes you on a life-altering journey that challenges everything you know about altruism. Written from the perspectives of herself and her husband, their first-born son with autism, and their eldest daughter from the Philippines, this action-packed memoir shows you one family’s attempt to change the world one messy story at a time.

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Inspirational True Story

Get Money, Do Good is the inspirational true story of one family’s epic story of hope, resilience, and love. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and strive for more, this fast-paced and heart-rending book promises to push you beyond your borders.

Experience unexpected opportunities to get money and do good in this true story of a family gone wild in the pursuit of extreme altruism, unapologetic capitalism, and reckless love.

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