GMDG is publishing its new story on Kindle Vella!

Summer Reading at its BEST!

I hope summer is treating you well! I have been busy preparing my next story! This email is introducing my new project, which I have been working on with my 16-year-old daughter/co-author.

As a mother to a half dozen young adult kiddos (wow!), I primarily read YA (young adult) books. While it started as my way monitor the content (some is racier than you might think) of my kids’ reading, I grew to love the genre as it explores issues of identity, purpose, loyalty, friendship, and—of course—changing the world. I found myself drawn to the idea that greatness is still possible, and so began plotting a YA novel.


Our story lives at the intersection of war and love, insanity and truth, and freedom and sacrifice.

Read the first 3 episodes FREE!

This week, we launch the story on Kindle Vella, Kindle’s new episodic reading platform where you use tokens to unlock episodes of an ongoing story. It is available starting today, the first 3 episodes of our story go live, and they are free! We expect to release several episodes a week over the next six months!

Please share the news with your young adult children and friends—and check it out yourself! The best way to get word out is through going to the site and voting me as a “fave” –Kindle Vella’s equivalent of a thumbs up!

Support YA Reading! Vote us as a “FAVE”!

Check out a brief synopsis of The Ring of Fire

Do Good,

JD and JR Vermaas

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