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Preparing for a New Year!

It’s almost 2021, and many of you have been buzzing about great plans ahead. I love to hear from you and see you in action. Thank you for inspiring me and reaching out. After reading my book, I get two main questions from readers:

How can I get more money?

I want to do good, so where do I start?

With 2021 coming in fast, the money question has been especially frequent. In the past few weeks, I have shared my story and the answer to this question more often than usual. Today I wanted to let you know about one of these conversations and where you can watch it.

Free 21-Day Money Mastery Series

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be a featured speaker at the “Money Mastery Series” Free Online Event starting December 14th! Every day for 21 days, an expert joins host, Money Mindset Coach Cindy Shaw, to discuss everything you need to start your journey toward financial freedom!

During this game-changing event, you’ll gain practical money tips and little-known secrets you won’t hear from most financial planners. You’ll get intimate with your money story and discover an array of strategies to build wealth and fuel your dreams of doing good.

No matter where you stand with your finances, the “Money Mastery Series” Free Online Event will provide you the tools and the community to increase your resources, so you can do more good!

Our speakers will be offering FREE gifts for you! From coaching sessions, access to membership programs, business consulting, and more…

Sign Up for Access

I look forward to joining you at this timely event, so you can step into 2021 ready to do good—even more!

Do Good,


Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas

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