Shut Up & Do Good

“Shut up and do good?!” It sounds harsh, but sometimes I need to be my own thought-coach and quit perseverating on all the negative stuff. In the most inspiring way, I need to tell myself to shut up the worries and self-debates and choose to do good. Life feels frustrating and hard much of the time. At the end of the day, however, we have choices—and that makes all the difference.

how often do we focus on the urgent over the important?

But are we making our own choices or allowing life to make decisions for us? How much of our daily lives do we dictate, and how often do we focus on the urgent over the important? There’s a difference between reacting to our situations and pushing ahead to do what matters.

Victims or Victors

No matter what’s going on in your life, you get to choose your mindset. Plenty of days I wake up to struggles and unanticipated disappointments or injustices, wanting to yell or protest—and tempted to feel sorry for myself. I get and stay sad—or mad. I shut down. I refuse to engage with what’s bothering me and prefer to wallow.

Then I remember Luxmi. My daughter Luxmi’s story is one of the hardest to tell. The early years of her life held atrocities too dreadful to imagine. Sometimes I cannot speak about them without losing myself to a dark place—until I see her smile. Without a doubt, Luxmi’s gift is joy, and it is a joy that radiates beyond a smile.

She moves people because she lives completely in the present.

That’s her secret. Due to her early life abuse, Luxmi has very little short-term memory. She only remembers what she practices over and over again and tends to forget day-to-day happenings. Her disabilities have been a point of inspiration for me when I am tempted to play victim.

Shut Up and Do Good

What is life calling you to? What “good” do you want to leave as your legacy? No one is going to give you your legacy. It is up to us to pursue our dreams and make good happen in our world. How do we do it? We start by shutting up the complaints and looking at our options. We renew our hopes by “forgetting” the past failures and hurt patterns and pursuing our goals wholeheartedly—despite our inner and outer battles.

Right now in the midst of a chaotic season, I have chosen to write the second book in the “doing good” series. This time, the memoir focuses on the story of Luxmi. It’s a hard one to tell, but one the world should know. I am almost ready to release my first chapter, so let me know if you want a sneak preview!

In the meantime, do good and reach out if you have stories of inspiration, questions to ask, or ideas to share about doing good.

If you haven’t read my first book in the “Do Good” series, you can get your copy of Get Money Do Good here!


Do Good,


Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas

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