So, Now What?

Leave all excuses at the door

I hope you can use the book to kick up conversations about doing good.

My book has launched, and I thank you for sharing the news. Lots of great reviews have come in, and you can view those here. I hope you can use the book to kick up conversations about doing good.

We have much to do!

I received a poignant review (below) of my book that moved me and made me so glad I wrote it. Indeed, the reason I wrote Get Money Do Good was to document how messy and challenging it is to effect positive change in an incredibly painful world. Along with the raw details of our story, I hoped others might consider how they—too—can become (or continue to be) relentless change makers, no matter the cost and opposition.

So, Now What?

Now that my book is launched, I continually receive tough questions—

  • What can I do to help during this tough time?
  • How can I make a real difference in others’ lives?
  • What can we do to combat trafficking, poverty, and emotional and physical disabilities?

I don’t expect you to read the book and choose to adopt a dozen children. Far from it! Each one of us has unique talents, skills, resources, and opportunities that are distinctive to each of us at our respective stages of life. For example, right now, I get to do pro bono virtual counseling in my community since there is such a need for mental health care during the pandemic. Since we can’t travel to orphan sites, I also do online assessments for orphanages overseas, to help them assess children and create their files to prepare for potentially adoptive families. Garry donates time and finances to individuals he coaches to become strong leaders, fathers, and businessmen. These actions require cost in time, money, and heart—but they are actions we can take right now.

It’s Hard to Find Where to Give

What can you do? Many organizations will ask you to invest time and money to do good. Hold on! Think about your talents and resources, so you can choose to spend them most effectively. Garry and I talked about the call to give responsibly in a recent podcast that you can view here.

Instead of donating money to the closest charity, focus on what you are passionate about and dive in.

Ask questions, look at other people doing good in your interest area, define how you might make a difference.

Then go for it. Only by trial and error—and talking to people—can you find the best place to invest.

Let’s choose to allocate our resources to create actual change. Let’s talk about it together and come up with real plans for true good.

Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Please reach out. Any ideas I get, I will share in next week’s newsletter. Let’s do some good.

Do Good,


Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas

Review the book (please!!) below:

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