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I hate the end of a good book. My daughters and I have been reading some great ones this summer and share the phenomenon of grieving the finish line of a great story. The best books have captivating characters who do noble feats, overcoming the odds to achieve some incredible good or important epiphany. We fall in love with the characters, rooting them on to victory and commiserating with their defeats. Once the book ends, we miss these captivating characters. We feel sad that the people are not real, and that their stories are not true. That’s why so many sequels are written: We want more.

The solution, of course, is to read true stories, where heroes live on to experience new adventures and characters are not confined to only the pages of a book. There just aren’t enough enchanting true stories out there—or are there?

The truth is that nothing sells like a great fiction novel (other than the best-selling of all time Holy Bible). The Lord of the Rings, The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Harry Potter are just a few fiction novels topping the list. In fact, seven of the ten all-time best-sellers are from the fantasy genre. Fiction authors start with a plot and create a story from its predetermined plot points, which twist and turn deliberately toward heroic—and sometimes tragic–outcomes. With true story non-fiction, it is up to the author to find the plot within the messiness of lived realities.

That’s what GMDG is all about: We aim to flash the spotlight on remarkable, true stories of people who leverage what they have to accomplish something good.

With all the negative news, it’s time to highlight the thousands of true stories of noble people, effective change-makers, and heroic attempts at life. We invite you in.

Story with me for a moment:

In all stories, there is a hero—whom I will call you.

In all stories, there is a hero—whom I will call you. What resources, talents, or time have you spent extravagantly on changing another life? Looking beyond the daily chores and mundane life tasks that everyone shoulders, what are your extraordinary moments? If you put them together, what true story does it tell?

Get Money Do Good is the title of my upcoming book. It highlights my family’s journey to 12 kids through the unexpected challenges of disruptive entrepreneurialism, nonprofit disillusionment, and stubborn determination. Ours didn’t feel like an important story day-to-day, but certainly as I look back–the epic tale became a reality right under our noses.

If your life’s journey had a title, what would yours be? That’s the question of today’s blog. I invite you to respond here and tell us the title of your story.

Then, I hope you consider telling me your full story, so I can collaborate with you to feature it in future blogs. We need more true stories to love. Through telling your story, you might even find your legacy.

Tell me the title of your story!

Do Good,


Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas

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