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Every story has a hero and a villain- a protagonist and antagonist. Back in my Columbia University days, I majored in English Literature—and I love good stories, balanced among the moving plot and right tone with conflict and characters that do the unexpected.

In the story of our lives, we get the be the heroes.

And the negative voices of our naysayers and skeptics, well, they are the villains of our stories. The sooner we identify them, the sooner we get to the real narratives of our own lives.”

Now more than ever, people are discovering the power of a good story. Isolated, staying at home, waiting for life to restart, many have picked up good books, binge-watched television favorites, and scoured the internet for news and reports that inspire. Except- don’t we all have a story?

Garry—not “fitting in” with the locals

Garry—not “fitting in” with the locals

A few years ago, we lived in Qatar amidst the uprisings of the Arab Spring. For the first time in my American life, I and my family experienced infringements to our freedoms throughout the day. We could not go where we wanted or eat our typical foods and drinks. People looked down on us for being White and paid us according to our race. Often people stopped us on the street and shouted why our Chinese daughter’s face did not look like ours- as if the idea of adoption had never before been imagined.

I am reminded of those same feelings here in America.

Accusing voices stand ready to judge me in all areas of life- telling me to get back in line.

We cringe inside each time a client, school official, or store clerk reprimands me for pushing against the policies and procedures of the institutions. Garry and I often choose to go a different way. We’ve built our businesses, spiritual lives, and family by going against the grain of the expected. The response, “because that’s the way it’s always been done” has never been enough for us. You see, we have a global business run from our home, with loads of special needs children – the one-size-fits-all processes of most systems don’t fit us at all.

But the protesters are always there, ready to point and wave for me to go another way. Their sure and sometimes angry voices cast doubt on all our ideas- yet challenge and motivate us write our story.

We suggest that only by living your own story to its fullest can you find true fulfillment.

We are created to write and – when necessary- rewrite our own memoirs. All people have the desire within them to launch something uniquely meaningful into the world- something that far outlasts them. It’s the reason we choose to have children, build careers, travel to new places, and fix our homes. We yearn for beauty, connection, and legacy- notions that outlast us- as well as all the issues and critics.

What will be left standing at the end of your life is what really mattered to you—your story.

What will be left standing at the end of your life is what really mattered to you—your story.

We intuitively know this to be true. Still, the voices of others stop us along the way. These voices tell us “it’s too hard” and “You can’t do that!” They point us away from doing good and suggest it’s good enough.

Rather than nurturing your own skills into an entrepreneurial enterprise, you take a job with security and insurance. Instead of taking on a new challenge, you wait for the perfect time to explore new pursuits. Saying what you really think gets lost in politics and politeness. And you end each day- productive- but to what end?

It’s time to take back your story from the critics, naysayers, and ghostwriters and tell it yourself. Don’t wait to be picked or promoted. Stop spinning your wheels. Take a breath and speak what you most care about. Then choose to do that- even at great cost.

That’s what Get Money Do Good is all about.

Here at GMDG, to story is a verb- it’s a way of scripting your life where you choose your most meaningful path—then find the best way to get there.

This blog series will cover the basics of writing your own narrative- a place to collaborate and learn how to story your own life. It’s time to set your plot points, narrow down your character list, and choose your setting. Let’s tell your story.

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