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In launching my book, I am privileged to walk alongside some incredible people who know what they care about. Experts in human trafficking, servant capitalism, and effective philanthropy are just a few of these heroes who have read and reviewed my book. It is my honor to share a few of these reviews with you here.

This delightful book is must reading for successful business people who wonder if they are ‘giving enough back’ to the world. It contains a ton of inspiration (and oodles of love).

~ James O’Toole
Best-selling author of The Enlightened Capitalists

If you have time to see more, my website has links to their insightful reviews. There you can read the full reviews and learn about how they are striving for good. I encourage you to see the incredible work these experts are doing in their respective fields.

Together we make the world better.

It is a rare and wonderful experience to read a book that discloses the highly personal, highly candid inner family life of relentless change-makers seeking persistently to find their life’s purpose.

~ Robert D. Lupton, PhD
Veteran urban activist and author of the revolutionary Toxic Charity

The book launches October 12th, and you can hear a sample of the audiobook here! If you’d like to write a review, let me know!

Their experiences seem right out of a Lifetime movie, but they really happened…Come along to meet this special family. ‘Get Money Do Good’, by J.D. Vermaas, PhD, is more than a memoir. It’s the story of one couple’s calling.

~ Tammy Ruggles
Reader Views

In the meantime, do good!


Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas

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